Built For Community Corrections

From the ground up, we worked closely with stakeholders and case managers at community correctional facilities. Our platform was designed with the input of people that use it every day. We also continue to build and innovate to bring tools to help you do your job better.


Full Features List

Why Corrections Manager stands out among other case management software for community corrections.

Cloud Hosting

Everything you do is automatically stored and secured on a private server. No need to worry about backups and data loss. Once data is saved (even if you manually delete it later) we'll keep it safe on our servers.

DOC Reporting

Your state's Department of Corrections requires certain data. We've got you covered. No more manual data entry. Corrections Manager can automatically export what you're required to submit to your state. 

Beautiful Design

We're user experience experts. We thought through every button click and data point to reduce the confusion and number of clicks it takes for you to get your job done. Saving you time and money

Mobile Friendly

Log in to your Corrections Manager from anywhere and from any device. Access important data on the fly. Safely and securely.

Timely Support

When you use Corrections Manager, your team grows. Our team of technical experts becomes your team. Email or call and we'll solve most problems within 1-2 business days.

Resident History

View and manage data of current, pending, past, and non-admitted residents. 


See an overview of your day and week; reports due, statuses pending, and other relevant information to each user's workflow.


Corrections Manager is so easy to use and quick to learn, you'll probably never need documentation. However, we have well-documented and video tutorials to help you accomplish your tasks.

Input Management

Managing data can get messy. We make it easy to add new input fields (like probation officers, judges) all in one place that you can use throughout the software.

Custom Reports

Create and save reports. Generate ad hoc reports. When it comes to analyzing your data, there's no limit to the insights you can gain from our reporting feature.

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