Case Management Software for Re-entry Organizations

Modern software built for re-entry; including community corrections, jail management, and offender management organizations.

  • Flexible and customizable to meet your organizations needs

  • Generate regular and ad hoc reports to visualize your data and make actionable decisions

  • Pricing to match your organization's unique structure and budget


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A Beautiful Case Management Experience.

Get More Done. Faster.

Corrections Manager was built to help you spend less time interacting with software so you can spend more time assisting humans in leading successful lives in your community.

Better Data Management = Better Facility Management

Customizeable Modules & Features

Managing cases begins and ends with your residents' case information. It's the foundation of effectively helping residents live crime-free lives. Understanding better where they are today is what helps you and your residents meet their goals tomorrow. That's why we built Corrections Manager with forms we can customize to fit your needs.

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Customized to Your Organization's Needs

Corrections Manager was built for scalability and adaptability. We built a modern platform with the latest and greatest technology to be easily customizable to fit any facility's unique needs in a cost-effective way.

We understand that one price does not fit all. You have a unique number of residents, case managers, and other admin staff. We also realize that you may need some customizations to our core platform. 

You get custom, managed software at a fraction of the cost.


Why Corrections Manager stands out among other case management software for community corrections and reentry facilities.

Cloud Hosting

Everything you do is automatically stored and secured on a private server. No need to worry about backups and data loss. Once data is saved (even if you manually delete it later) we'll keep it safe on our servers.

DOC Reporting

Your state's Department of Corrections requires certain data. We've got you covered. No more manual data entry. Corrections Manager can automatically export what you're required to submit to your state. 


Corrections Manager is so easy to use and quick to learn, you'll probably never need documentation. However, we have well-documented and video tutorials to help you accomplish your tasks.

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Corrections manager was made for residential reentry programs. With our software, you can manage programs, treatments, people, and resources all to reduce recidivism. Our software reduces the time it takes for your case managers to manage their caseloads.

resident dashboard

Take quick notes on residents at any time.

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Quickly create a weekly report and make sure your case managers never miss one.

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View most important resident information at a glance with custom blocks.

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Run reports on individuals or facility-wide. 

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Keep your data clean by managing glossary terms all in one place.

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Find anything in your database with an auto-fill search bar.

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